Our Helpdesk is powered by Freshdesk Support Desk.

Their platform requires certain cookies to function correctly. The cookies that are used in conjunction with FreshDesk as our Helpdesk are:

Cookie providerList of cookiesDescription
Freshdesk internal cookies
_fw_crm_vFreshchat/Freshworks cookie (used to track Visitor/User identity and chat sessions performed by the user).
_x_wContains the shard ID on which the account runs.
_x_mContains the state of the shard.
_helpkit_sessionThe secret key for verifying cookie session data integrity. If you change this key, all old sessions become invalid.
helpdesk_node_sessionAn encrypted hash that stores the secret key and id of the login attempt.
user_credentialsUsed for user authentication.
wf_orderUsed to check the order of the tickets filtered for custom ticket filters, eg, due_by, agent_responded_at, requester_responded_at, etc.
wf_order_typeUsed to check if the order is ascending or descending for ticket filters.
wf_filterDenotes which filter is applied for the tickets list.