The Paessler support portal allows you to create new tickets as well as accessing your current and previous tickets. You can also update your current tickets and let us know the status quo of your issue. 

How can I activate my portal account?
In order to do this, simply click on this mail link and hit send. Note that the account will be created for the mail address you send this from.

I don't want to use the portal at all? Do I need to mail you guys or something?
In this case, you don't need to inform us. Your account will stay as it is until you activate it. Until then, you can continue to open up tickets via mail or any of our applications.

I want to use a different mail address for my portal?

Simply use our sign up form  and use the other mail address. This also works if you already created a different account that has been granted access to the portal.

I want a colleague to also have access to tickets within my company - what do I do?

Simply drop us a ticket and tell us the colleagues mail address. We'll allow him to access the tickets within your domain. This means that the colleague then can access all tickets that are created for, e.g. 

But the colleague is an external employee that works for a different company? 

That would work as well. Tickets within our helpdesk can be associated to companies and contacts can be associated with multiple companies. So just let us know which of the tickets should be associated with your company that have been opened by externals and we'll migrate them accordingly.