This article applies as of PRTG 23

How to move a PRTG installation to a different system

Part 1: Short migration guide

This part of the article is meant as a shorter overview of how to migrate PRTG from an old system to a new system. The new system can be a virtual machine or a physical machine. You can follow these steps if you:

  • use the default path for storing PRTG data,
  • do not run PRTG in a cluster,
  • have no remote probes,
  • have direct internet access (which is required for license activation),
  • run a supported Windows version that is up to date, and
  • have the latest .NET version installed.

Find the how-to guide on our website: How to move a PRTG installation to a different computer in 9 steps

Part 2: Detailed migration guide

These parts of the article give an in-depth explanation of how to move a PRTG installation to a different system. The instructions are valid for a standalone PRTG installation, or for the primary master node when you run PRTG in a cluster.

1. Preparation of the migration

See Preparation of the migration

2. Step-by-step migration

See Step-by-step migration

3. After the migration

See After the migration

4. Migration of custom files

See Migration of custom files